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Institutional Grade Blockchain Infrastructure Meets The Most Beautiful Number In The Cosmos.

Professional Proof of Stake Validator Services in Cosmos Ecosystem

Trust Your Staked Assets With Golden Ratio Staking.

With over $8m in staked assets delegated to us, spread across 16+ chains, and rapidly expanding, Golden Ratio Staking is one of the Premier Validator services in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

We also offer automatic compounding services, free of charge, on an hourly basis via ReStake!

Global Redundant Infrastructure

Golden Ratio Staking has a global infrastructure of Validators, full nodes , sentry nodes, RPCs, seeds, and Relayers.

Versatility in Application

Golden Ratio Staking currently validates 16+ Cosmos ecosystem chains, provides Seed nodes for P2P communication, and is an integral relayer of InterBlockchain Communication (IBC) packets enabling Interoperability on an unmatched scale.

Data Processing and Relaying

Golden Ratio Staking prides itself on sustaining a global infrastructure of future proof dedicated servers, capable of handling tomorrow's challenges. Pressing forward as one of the leaders in making Interoperability a reality.

Full Customer Experience Service

Whether it's just for a casual conversation, technical questions, or needing help recovering funds of a compromised wallet...Golden Ratio Staking is always there to help and communicate with the community.

Instant Finality.
Impeccable Reliability.

Golden Ratio Staking uses redundant state-of-the-art monitoring and notification systems, over-provisioned dedicated servers, redundant power supplies, redundant internet fiber lines, and has DDoS protection. All of these redundancies lead to a impeccable uptime and allow us to offer soft-slash protection for each chain we validate.

We also offer compromised wallet recovery services to help recover unstaking funds before malicious actors can steal them.

On top of the day to day validation services, we take pride in helping the community. Whether that is through donations, outreach programs, or simply just being someone ready to listen if they need someone to talk to.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Staked Assets





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